Fine Pumpkin

So, I found a pumpkin. A fine pumpkin. It’s interesting between me and the pumpkin because I reflected myself with that pumpkin. If I seriously stare the photo and compare myself with that pumpkin,Physically. It’s kinda strange but what i wanna show you is I tried using my metaphoric sense. The pumpkin is literally me. The one in the middle. Why am i equating myself like that?Simply because it’s round( u know,i’m getting fatter) It feels secure among its clan, it seems like the pumpkin enjoys being around pumpkins but on the other hand it’s a bit shy. It’s proven by the pumpkin’s position, in the middle. The pumpkin has its flaws too but it’s still steady and unshakable,and the last I sensed  the pumpkin wanna lead the crowd because it wants the crowd to be the way it thinks.



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